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Dharma Biomedical
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Mission Statement
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Dharma Biomedical, a Florida corporation, was founded as a vehicle to translate ethnobotanical medicinal discovery, through evidence-based research and developmental stages to commercialized products, validation of claims for natural products and supplements and standardization of biological efficacy of these products.


The Dharma paradigm involves the evaluation of specific botanical compounds or natural products that have been used in the context of traditional medicine systems that represents a directed and enriched selection process for medicinal discovery. This approach leads to a much higher likelihood of identifying biologically active, safe and effective compounds for a broad range of medicinal applications when compared to the conventional pharmaceutical paradigms of drug discovery. Through this paradigm, identified extracts are characterized chemically and subjected to in vitro and in vivo analysis to confirm the potential for medicinal applications.


While Dharma Biomedical was established principally for R & D; Dharma Biomedical has  recognized the critical need for proper biological and clinical validation of proposed or existing natural products or supplements used for health promoting or medicinal purposes. Consequently, Dharma Biomedical alone or through its strategic alliances provides:


?/SPAN> Product chemical analysis

?/SPAN> In vitro/in vivo biological product validation

?/SPAN> Clinical trial support

?/SPAN> Regulatory assistance

?/SPAN> R & D support

?/SPAN> Consultation services